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Blood in Urine after Exercise

Do you have blood in urine after exercise? This is a common problem; more so than most people know. And while exercise hematuria may not sound like a big deal, it is something that you need to get checked out. Many people are not sure that blood in urine after exercise can be normal, so they in turn get stressed and worry for no reason. But even if you believe exercise is causing blood in your pee, you need to make sure that you pinpoint the issue. And the only way that you can do that is by seeing a doctor.

What type of exercise can cause this problem? Generally speaking, this incurs in people who exercise hard. In other words, you are not going to get blood in urine after exercise if you only break a sweat for a few minutes. In most cases, you have to put in a lot of strenuous exercise for this to happen.

Blood in urine after exercise is based largely on the activities that you take part in. Although this can happen to anybody, it is quite common in runners. This is the case because running for long distances, day in and day out, can put a lot of strain on the body. But again, this usually only happens in those who are really working hard.

Is blood in urine after exercise normal? Of course not. This is a common problem among many people, but it is far from normal. If you recognize blood in your urine, no matter if you were exercising or not, it is important to see a doctor at once. They can then run the proper tests in order to ensure that this problem is indeed being caused by exercise.

Fortunately, blood in urine from exercise is much better than some of the other causes, such as cancer or kidney stones, of this problem.

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  1. ashley Says:
    January 13th, 2013 at 5:40 am

    Im scared.
    O am a hard worker to get fit and i push myself let it be lifting weights or running and i sometimea forget to in take water and i thought it could be a uti cause i have all rhe symptoms and when i work out i so sweat alot so could it be that im just dehydrated or cause i could have really hurt myself..
    Anyther thing i woke up and my olvaries were hurting bad and when i peed it was foggy with a nasty smell and no blood and i drank about a gallon of water cause i thought it was cause of me being dehydrated then i peed again after drinking water then i peed and it was normal no blood then i worked out and i peed after work out and thats when i peed and i saw blood drippin and i whiped and it was pink and then i drank more water and i peed again and it looked like it was petting normal except for the whipping it was pink then i peed again cause i have like the urge to empty out my bladder yet never jappens then it was like almost bloody in the stool and i whipped and there was this like weird meron red pink discharde with red little dots and i got scared and i gpogled it and i was more terrified with what they are saying nd it is now like 5 hrs like this and im so scared what it could be cause it does hurt when i pee

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